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Merkle Seed is a production company that focuses on education and communication of concepts in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. Our vision is to have greater accessibility and understanding of the Blockchain revolution and to reach a wider and more diverse audience, empowering them to help shape the future of this technology.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency are highly complex concepts put forth by Satoshi Nakamoto in his Bitcoin White Paper. In order to truly understand the possibilities they offer and their impact on our increasingly digitized lives, most people will need a sound literacy in digital technology, computer science, economics, and finance. Our mission is to help beginners of all ages and professions to understand the technology and economic factors of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through storytelling and interactive experiences. As well as demonstrating a broader range of application, value, and entrepreneurial opportunities Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can offer for everyone.


Though there are currently many independent efforts to communicate the importance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, most who pay attention and consume such content are already interested, if not invested, in the potential of such technology. Merkle Seed wishes to bridge the gap between the creative industry with the entrepreneurial Blockchain community by connecting artists and communicators with Blockchain experts to deliver high quality productions for Bitcoin and blockchain. This way, rather than learning passively about Bitcoin and blockchain, our creative collaborators can also gain access to the real possibilities of Bitcoin and Blockchain in the process.


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